Prosperity Plus Class… A New Way of Living



Course Dates: April 9, 2015 – June 11, 2015

Tuesdays 6:30pm – 8:30pm
3508 Asbury Ave, Neptune, NJ

Course Materials – $59.00

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 What is Prosperity Plus?

Prosperity Plus is a dynamic, easy-to-instruct, video based 10-week program that teaches a new way of living centered on the spiritual practices of an abundant life! In this program you will move from fear, scarcity, and limited thinking to a life full of possibility, prosperity and promise.

Throughout this course you will discover the 10 universal laws that govern an abundant life and will be given the opportunity and encouragement to put these universal laws into daily practice.

This 10-week experiment will be the catalyst for greater self-awareness, deeper spiritual practice, more meaningful relationships, financial increase, and stronger self-esteem. AND you will spend time focusing on living your purpose and giving your biggest gifts to the world.

When you complete the program, you will have made new friends and feel more committed and connected to your spiritual life than ever before.

You will discover:

  • A proven method to unlock new financial energy and resources.
  • How to attract more abundance, effortlessly!
  • Wealth you already have that you don’t even know you have.
  • How to release your blocks to living with more ease and flow.
  • How to create a vision for the life of your dreams that includes wealth in every area of your life from relationships and health to career and living your purpose.

How does Prosperity Plus work?

You will begin the course by making a full commitment to the Prosperity Plus program.

This commitment includes:

  1. Attending each Prosperity Plus class for the 10-week series
  2. Daily contemplation of the prosperity principles
  3. Tithing your time and talent; approximately 4 hours per week
  4. Tithing 10% of your income to your spiritual center during the 10-week course.

Each week the other students will gather with you in a supportive environment, for a dynamic lesson.

The instructor will lead you in:

  • Sharing successes from the previous week’s experiment in their application of the abundance principles
  • Watching the interactive video lesson of the current week’s teaching
  • Participating in an exercise to anchor and deepen the learning
  • Receiving the tithes for the week
  • Assigning the next week’s simple but, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE practice


**Just as the participants have an opportunity to make a 10 week commitment that includes tithing 10% of any income they receive during these 10 weeks to the spiritual center via the class (the source of spiritual nourishment during the 10 weeks), the spiritual center  as a organization has an opportunity to makes a similar commitment to tithe 10% percent of the amount that comes in via the class to the creator of the course, LifeSOULutions (the source of spiritual nourishment for the spiritual center during the 10 weeks), which Mary Morrissey is the founder and CEO of .