Why “Unity By The Shore”?

Hello!  We are happy you want to know “Who We Are”!

We are a non-denominational Spiritual Community – no dogmas, doctrines or tenets to believe and adhere to.  Unity by the Shore is more than a non-denominational church.  One of our Principles is that “we are expressions of the divine in human form, that our essence is God.”  Unity is based on Practical Christianity.  We believe that Jesus was not asking to be worshipped; he was showing us who we are and what we can do in our lives; to live the Principles and Spiritual Laws of the Universe.  Living the truth is more about being than doing.  It’s how you “show up” every day, moment by moment.  When you live the Truth (your spiritual essence) it will be from a consciousness of Spirit and Oneness – from your heart.  And you will find God within your heart and mind.

And, we believe your looking us up was the nudging of Spirit within you!

If you are yearning to experience a more purposeful life of joy, love and peace and to learn about the Spiritual Powers within you, we look forward to meeting you.

Our uplifting Sunday Service is at 10:30 a.m. with outstanding music and a loving congregation!