“The Book of Afformations” By Noah St. John

book of afformations




Taught by Rev. Joanne

Thursdays from 1-3 pm

March 20 – April 17, 2014


Unity has always taught about Affirmations.  This little book talks about a different approach.

Come join us to explore a new perspective!

~~ Love Offering ~~

March 30, 2014 – Classical Music Concert Featuring Laura DuBois & Joel DeWitt

“Share the Dream” CD – Now Available!


Our “Share the Dream” CD is available for sale

Just in time for the Christmas holiday!

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2013 Fair Trade Holiday Bazaar | Unity By The Shore, NJ

Meditation Circle – Workshop Series

Meditation Workshop Series, Unity by the Shore, Neptune, NJ

“Be Still and Know”
A Facilitated Meditation Experience for Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Meeting the first Sunday of each month

12:15 to 1:30 pm

This series grew from the work  Dr. Carol Penn and Rev. Patricia Dunkin, co-facilitators of the series, did in response to Hurricane Sandy and the workshops that followed in the aftermath of the storm’s devastation.  Based on the evaluations that were received from that original workshop as well as subsequent workshops, the vast majority of participants asked for more experience and time with meditation.

Meditation is the practice of relaxed self awareness.

We will be exploring the three major areas of meditation:

  • concentrative,
  • mindfulness
  • expressive

From the Center for Mind Body Medicine’s Best of Stress Management Workbook and Journal: Most of the early research on meditation centered on concentrative meditation, which consists of focused awareness on a particular object, such as an image or sound. For example, Dr. Herbert Benson’s ground breaking bestseller, The Relaxation Response described the health benefits of a particular concentration technique: repeating a meaningful word or phrase, known in Sanskrit as a mantra.

Mindfulness meditation involves being relaxed and aware of thoughts, feelings, and sensations as they arise, without the focus on a articular object. Studies of mindfulness meditation have emphasized its value as a stress management technique and have included programs that combine mindfulness with psychotherapy and with conventional treatments for conditions like chronic pain and psoriasis.

Expressive meditation includes such active techniques as chanting, dancing, whirling, shaking, and fast deep breathing.  Though different from the other two, it helps to induce the same kind of relaxed, aware state. Expressive meditation has not yet been the subject of significant scientific research, but it has been used for thousands of years to mobilize the healing potential of body and mind.

From time to time we may have a guest facilitator, and  Dr. Carol Penn and Rev. Patricia Dunkin will lead individually and collectively as their schedules permit.

May 19, 2013 – John Welshons: Compassionate Awareness at Unity by the Shore, NJ

John Welshons

John Welshons: Compassionate Awareness | May 19, 2013 | Unity by the Shore, NJ

Let Your Light Shine in 2013!

Dear Friends,

As I write this, I am unable to speak of Christmas “Celebration” as I have in the past.  Some believe in the prediction of the “end of the World” next week! Yes, we are in Crisis but I believe that it will be the end of the World as we knew it.  The devastating destruction created by “Sandy” changed the lives of so many here at the Jersey Shore and beyond.  The massacre of 20 innocent young children and their teachers has horrified the Nation.  As never before, we are being called to let our Light shine. Let us not talk about “evil.”

Where do we go from here? The answer is within you and me.  Allow your SELF to come through and ask how am I “showing up” in this moment?  How do I “be” the Light?  Let it unfold, let it “be.” It will define each of us.  How we are showing up is our individual responsibility.”

Are you letting your Light shine in this World?  Take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Then your Light will shine!  And, then, together, we will change the world, for we will have stayed centered in Truth.

Together, we will have created a world that works for all!  May you experience your “New Birth” and “know.”

Love, Joy and Peace is within you.

Abundant Blessings!
Rev. Joanne

Doctors, residents try to avoid emotional trauma in the aftermath of Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Trauma Relief Session

Our Hurricane Sandy Trauma Relief Sessions help many… picked up by local press.

Click Here to read the article in the Asbury Park Press

12/15/12 – Free Music Recital to Benefit the Rebuild of Patrice’s Music Studio After Hurricane Sandy

**FREE** LionWhale Music Faculty Recital – to Benefit a Local Muscian Who Lost Her Music Studio in Hurrica…

2012 Fair Trade Holiday Bazaar


2012 Fair Trade Holiday Bazaar | Unity By The Shore, NJ