November Special Music Schedule:

November 1 …….. Jeffrey Boga
November 8 …….. Healing Spirit Singers
November 15 ……. Mary McCrink
November 22 ……. Spirit of Peace
November 29 ……. Young Voices of Music


Our Music Ministry:

Our Music Ministry delights in bringing a message of love, hope, peace, and healing to our audience. We believe music is inspiration for the soul.  We believe music is prayer.  We believe music is an important part of growth in our spiritual lives, helping us to realize our oneness with each other and the Creator, and to feel the warm embrace of our loving God.

Like our congregation, our music is wonderfully diverse. Each Sunday brings something fresh and new, with our musicians playing anything from acoustic folk to the blues, rock or classical music.  We regularly perform the newest songs put out by the Unity Association, and several of our members also compose original music for Sunday services.

Visit us on YouTube to see more videos.

Creating Share the Dream from Be Scene on Vimeo.

We hope you enjoyed our story of the making of the “Share the Dream” CD.

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