Prayer Chaplains

We are blessed by the wonderful Prayer Chaplains Program at Unity by the Shore! They are Spirit-led individuals who completed the Unity Prayer Chaplain Program training in order to give selfless, dedicated service to members of our congregation.

The Prayer Chaplaincy Program is based on God as Source. God is the center, head and heart of all that the Prayer Chaplains do. Remembering God first assists the Prayer Chaplains in what is called “Holding Sacred Space.” “Holding Sacred Space” is to hold in consciousness (awareness) a place of possibilities. This means that regardless of the circumstance, situation, etc., the chaplain KNOWS that God is greater….and from this awareness he/she holds God’s presence and power in the moment and as the moment. In listening from the heart and not from the head, the prayer chaplain follows what Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, said in her book “Healing Letters”:

“As you learn to see the fullness of God’s life and love and power and substance in others, you will know that you need not pour out your own for them. You will have the knowledge and the light to call their attention to what they have and to prompt them to use it.”

Unity by the Shore Prayer Chaplains have embarked upon a path to deepen their own awareness of God as Source and to hold that spiritual space for others through prayer and listening. And, we, as a community, are grateful that Spirit has led them to be a prayerful community within our spiritual community.

Read what each one says about their Prayer Chaplaincy role:

“Being a Prayer Chaplain is something I love to do. It helps people to realize the power of prayer in their lives. It is my privilege to work for God in this way.” (Ann Hopkins, Unity Prayer Chaplain).

“Being a Prayer Chaplain has given me the opportunity to be God’s instrument which is a life-long answer to prayer. In addition, it has given me the chance to build some remarkable relationships that I otherwise would not have done. It is such a blessing in my life for I receive far more than I give through this program. Thank you, God, for giving me this opportunity.”(Gayle Hammond, Unity Prayer Chaplain).

“I love being a Prayer Chaplain because I feel the glory of God’s presence within me when I affirm the glory of God’s presence within you. Together, we are one, truly expressing God’s divine light and love.” (Jennifer Sacks, Unity Prayer Chaplain).


Each Prayer Chaplain is assigned 10-12 people whom they telephone each month with a “Wellness Call” and pray with the congregant, affirming the Truth – whether it be for greater health, prosperity, relationships, etc. And, every Sunday after service, two Prayer Chaplains are available to pray with anyone desiring to do so. If a member  of the congregation is hospitalized, ill at home, or in need any kind of pastoral care, the assigned prayer chaplain visits with them to pray.

The Prayer Chaplains meet monthly to report on their assigned congregants, with written reports of their visits and monthly telephone calls. And, in order to maintain the “high watch” of prayer consciousness, each Prayer Chaplain has a partner within the Prayer Chaplain group with whom they pray and keep in close contact with.