Board of Trustees


  Message from the President

“Faith has to do with things that are not seen, and hope with things that are not in hand”

~ Saint Thomas Aquinas

Have you had enough of the frigid cold weather and snow? As I sit here basking in the sunshine radiating through my living room window enjoying a day off for President’s day, it’s hard to believe that more snow is on the way this evening. Although I am not thrilled with the prospect of more snow, I am filled with gratitude for the respite that the many snow days have blessed me with. I am reminded of the power of faith. For below the frozen fields roots are firmly planted underground and seeds are germinating pregnant with God substance waiting to spring forth with new life. This is a wonderful reminder to us how powerful resting in the stillness is in bringing forth our good.

In February, The Board of Trustees met to continue brainstorming and planning for key events. It is our desire that participation in these activities will bring forth opportunities to join in joyful fellowship, share our spiritual talents, actively participate in the law of giving and receiving, and to prosper our community. From the consciousness of abundance we hold the seeds of possibility for UBTS to grow in countless ways: Expansion of physical space for children’s church and fellowship; an increase in spiritually enriching classes and programs; and the ability to host outreach projects that will lovingly support and empower our local friends and communities.

Below is a list of some of the fun to come:

  • March 16th- Saint Patty’s Day Feast – Wear your green!
  • March 22nd- Aura Photo/Chakra Reading Day 10 AM -5PM (Saturday)
  • April 27th & May 2nd- Gift Bazaar
  • May 11th- Men’s Mother’s Day Challenge
  • June 6th- UBTS Picnic
  • June 16th- Women’s Father’s Day Challenge
  • July/August- A Ceremonial Release /Peace Day (still in the brainstorming phase)
  • September- Fellowship-Food tasting Event (still in the brainstorming phase)
  • September 14th- Raffle Ticket Sales Commence
  • November 23rd- Board hosted Thanksgiving Brunch and Raffle Drawing
  • December- Gift Bazaar

The Board of Trustees invites you to actively participate in our growth by giving of your time, talent, and financial support. Seek out a board member and find out how you can get involved. The Board appreciates your steadfast and loving support!

Angela Denton

“When you find yourself in need of spiritual nourishment, it is in the opportunities to serve others that you will find the abundance you seek.”

~ Steve Manaboli