Board of Trustees

Board 2015
Message from the President

Hello New Year! I affirm goodness and prosperity is here and now. I am awake and aware to receive all the gifts of the universe. Thank you Spirit!  Do you have a New Year affirmation?  Not a resolution, but an affirmation.  I never believed in resolutions; maybe I knew I wouldn’t keep them, so why try, or I just felt they were like fox-hole prayers, done at this time because it was a New-Year-thing to do.  However, since being connected to Unity and understanding how affirmations affect my thoughts and my life, I like to replace my resolutions (which are all about how not-perfect I am anyway) to how wonderfully fabulously I am now!  I have an affirmation on my bathroom mirror that says, nothing needs to be added to me, only released.  What a great way to start my day.  Please share with me your affirmation if you have one for the New Year or if you need to make one.  Let’s do it together for 2016!

I also would like to take this time to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to our 2015 UBTS Board:  Gwendolyn Lewis, Tom Sciro, Mary Vercande, Blanche Krubner, and our Spiritual Leader, Angela Denton.  This group of heroic individuals holds and preserves a steadfast course for this community, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your hard work and dedication.  Individually and as a whole, you all are incomparable.

Alas, 2015 marks the end of Blanche Krubner’s board terms and she will be stepping down at the end of January.  Blanche has served on the UBTS Board for two 3-year terms as our dedicated Treasurer.  She has been our font of wisdom and stability; and is always relied upon to provide the perfect wording for any occasion!  Please join me in thanking Blanche for her many years of unwavering service and commitment to this community.  We are truly blessed by her presence, talents, and love.

And now looking forward… we are excited to welcome our newest board members elected in at the end of the Annual Meeting on January 31. We know and affirm their talents and ideas will enrich not only the board, but the community as well.

We also would like to welcome our newest community members.  Ellie Kierson, Miles Kierson, Charlie Kirlew, David Schwartz and Paula Schwartz have completed the Inside Out class and the Board happily approved each new member at the December meeting. The membership induction is expected to be held in January.  Next time you see Ellie, Miles, Charlie, David, and Paula please say hello and welcome home.

So join me as we claim our many blessings this New Year, and let us celebrate each other and our sacred Unity community.

Blessings, Love and Light,

Angie Stewart
President – Board of Trustees
Unity by the Shore

“The transforming power of God now frees me from every limitation.  The wisdom, power and love of God
now guide me to the fulfillment of my dreams.”  Silent Unity Affirmation.