Board of Trustees

Message from the President

Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist and other literary works, reminds us that children in all their splendor and innocence can teach us many things. Particularly, to be happy for no reason; to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his/her might that which she/he desires. Every Sunday after singing our children in to “Walking in the Light,” are hearts become filled with joy and wonder as we watch the youth display their art work, share profound insights, and sing and prance so proudly around the platform. We would all agree that they are precious and bring light to our community and the world! How fortunate these young ones are to be raised with Unity’s message that they are each individual expressions of God and that their essential nature is divine.

Our children inspire hope and innocence in us today while simultaneously they hold the aspirations and promise of a light filled future. So, how do we tend to our most precious gift, our children? We can emphatically attest that Sally Kurth, director of our children’s church program, and the teachers along with the children’s musical director, Jasmine Walker, do an outstanding job with the resources they have. How are the rest of us encouraging the growth of our youth.

One of the greatest needs that has presented itself for years at UBTS regarding our children’s church program has been limited classroom space. Each Sunday all age groups gather in the one fellowship area behind an accordion wall. The teachers all perform their magic with our children despite the numerous interruptions they encounter while many open the make shift wall to retrieve materials from the office spaces on the other side of children’s church. Over the winter months, the Board of Trustees has been engaged in the exploration of how we could expand our classroom space. A digital survey of the property has been completed and the Board has had several meetings with Steve Bias, an architect who has tithed his services to UBTS, to contemplate the most economical and feasible expansion plan. Steve has advised the Board that the best place to expand would be on the left side of our building. He is currently drawing up blueprints for new classrooms and additional bathrooms. In the meantime, the Board of Trustees is investigating funding options with our current bank and other financial initiations. When the blueprints and financial information has been obtained the Board will hold an informational meeting.

Oneness is one of our core values at UBTS. We profess that we are one in spirit every Sunday. So, I invite the whole of our community to unite in tending to the children by making an expansion a reality. Know that this vision rests on the prayers, actions, and financial support of not only the leadership, but of every individual here at UBTS. In the upcoming months, Rev Joanne and the Board will hold community sessions to gather together to affirm and actively get involved in the manifestation of an expanded and thriving children’s church program.

“You are to take care of the children.” ~ Myrtle Fillmore

Exciting News!

The installation of a projection screen, projector and upgrade to our sound system has been completed. The Board will host a celebratory unveiling event in the near future. Look for the announcement!

Angela Denton