Board of Trustees

Message from the President

With tears streaming down his face, my father struggled to get the words out, “I’m so happy we are together… I love when we are all together like this.” Yesterday, an ordinary Sunday afternoon in late October my heart was so deeply touched by my father’s vulnerability to be grateful for a few hours spent with his family. These words and raw emotion shared by a man who for years resisted and stifled authentically vulnerable aspects of his being. As he approaches his 80th birthday healthy and active, he finds himself wanting to appreciate what is truly important to him, his family. I found myself pausing and reflecting feeling fatigued from a rather demanding schedule and realized how essential it is for me to slow down and take time out to relish my parents and siblings. As the holiday season approaches, I invite you to take time out each day to open your heart in gratitude to not only your family members and friends, but to co-workers and casual acquaintances. Make it a point at least once a day to let someone know that you see them, that you appreciate them. I can guarantee you that your heart will expand!

The Board of Trustees would like to show our appreciation to our spiritual community by hosting a Thanksgiving feast Saturday, Nov. 22nd. The movie “Frozen” will be shown from 4 pm to 6pm. Feast from 6 pm to 8 pm. Nov. 23rd is our super 50/50 raffle. Tickets are currently being sold and will be on sale until 10 AM on Nov 23rd, for the drawing will be held around 12 noon that day. Fifty percent of the proceeds will go toward audio/visual equipment and building operations/improvements. The other fifty percent collected will be awarded to 3 lucky winners as follows: the first place winner will receive 25%, the second place winner will receive 15% and the third place winner will receive 10%. The Board of Trustees would appreciate your support in spreading the word and selling tickets to your coworkers, family and friends. The more tickets sold the bigger the prizes!

Board Updates

Building Expansion: An anonymous donor has contributed $15,000 to our building expansion fund bringing our total funds to $31,000!!  Our architect has met with a new contactor and will be sharing expansion plans in early November.

Audio/Visual: The Board has purchased from Boulevard Pro equipment and services to obtain projection and sound control from the back of the sanctuary.

Member Renewal: I f you would like to remain an active member of UBTS, please fill out your membership renewal card by Dec. 31, 2014. Cards were emailed electronically and are also available at UBTS.

Board Nominees for 2015: Two member positions and one alternate position are open to be filled. If you have been a member of UBTS for a year or more and are interested in serving on the Board, please speak to Pat Dunkin, chair of the Nominating Committee or Angie Stewart, board representative. The Nominating Team will be sending a communication out in early November announcing their search and criteria to be eligible to serve on the Board.

Holiday Gift Bazaar: Nov 30th-Dec-21st

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”~ Tolle

Angela Denton