Board of Trustees

Board 2015
Message from the President

WOW! What a powerful, passionate community we are! The last five months have been a journey for us all with Rev Joanne’s retirement; saying a tearful good bye to our Musical Director, Laura DuBois; and our ongoing search for a new minister and musical director. It was all a great deal to take in, and handled separately a challenge, but to handle all at once took courage and faith! And I believe we have come thru to the other side, with a few scratches and dents, but so very strengthened and uplifted as a community and individually for the experience. I recently read, “In daily life there is an inner transition I can consciously practice. This is the transition from fear to faith” (p 67, Transitions, Cameron) Sometimes in my day-to-day life, when things get all knotted up, I don’t always remember to face the Light, to turn my fear to faith. But the past few months have been an empowering reminder to me to stay connected with Spirit within; to trust in God; to turn to the sunlight of the Spirit. I am grateful for the opportunity to be reminded that God is everywhere in every situation.

So, now we move forward – facing the Light – we quicken our step, we lift our heads, and we are excited for new beginnings! As we announced at service on June 7th, we are thrilled to have Angela Denton step in as our new Acting Spiritual Leader and eventual Spiritual Leader after August. I know we are in for a joyous new experience with Angela, and I know she is as just as excited. The ideas and plans are just pouring out of her! Be ready to be lifted to new heights of spiritual experiences.

At the time of this writing, the search for our new Music Director is still ongoing. We are blessed with many talented and giving individuals, which is why the music department within UBTS has always been strong and enthusiastic, and I truly believe this will continue with whoever is chosen.

Ed McCarthy is diligently working with the Fund Raising Committee to put some of their ideas into action. If you would like to participate or have a “prosperous” idea, please feel free to share with Ed.

Special Shout Outs: (1) Patricia Loughney and the Hospitality Team for a delicious bake sale in June. Our collective sweet tooth’s (teeths?) brought in $192; (2) to Blanche Krubner and her Gift Bazaar Team. It was its usual success bringing in almost $200! Thank you to all who purchased and helped out! Watch for the bazaar to return just in time for the Christmas holidays; (3) how could we forget the incredibly talented Matt Denton for his beautiful video goodbye to Laura DuBois. Matt’s work is always inspiring and uplifting and we are blessed to have him with us; (4) finally, to Healing Spirit Singers and Spirit of Peace and all of the Music team for putting together such a wonderful service honoring our own Laura Dubois. It was so evident that much love and devotion went into your efforts. Beautifully done!

Opportunities for Service: Feel the calling to give back just a little (or a lot!)? There are many opportunities to lend a hand at UBTS whether in the bookstore, at the sound board, fund raising, ushering, or greeting, your help is always welcomed and appreciated. Come see me anytime and I will make sure we find your niche!

Please continue to hold our expanded Children’s Space in vision and prayer. We affirm divine timing for this implementation. Lastly, don’t forget to utilize the Amazon shopping portal on our website (!

Thank you for your loving support. Blessings, Love and Light to you.

The Inexhaustible Resource of Spirit is equal to every demand. There is no reality in lack. Abundance is here and now manifest.  – Charles Fillmore