Board of Trustees

Board 2015
Message from the President

Saying Goodbye and Hello.  As we say goodbye to our beloved Reverend Joanne Murphy, we hold her in the light and affirm her goodness and abundance, for she is abundant… abundant in love, joy and enthusiasm. One can see the Divine light shining through her eyes when she shares her joy in Unity and in her own personal spiritual journey. It is with this joy that Rev. Joanne guided and cared for this community many years, and for this we say thank you with all our hearts. We recognize Rev. Joanne’s own new journey and support and pray for her spiritual unfoldment going forward.

And unfoldment brings us to this Lenten Season. Charles Filmore once described Lent as “a season of spiritual growth, a time for progressive unfoldment”. What divine timing! A perfect opportunity for each of us, individually and together as a community, to examine our spiritual growth; to set aside that thinking and behavior that no longer serves us; to be open and empty to allow grace, joy and love to pour in and through us. To welcome a new way of seeing ourselves and our lives. As we progress through this transitional period in our community, let us allow this divine opportunity to stretch us, to teach us, and to guide us toward a higher spiritual plane.

The 2015 Board of Trustees is on this journey with you and is honored and humbled to lead you through this period. We are open to any and all suggestions and for anyone wishing to put “feet to their prayers” please come see us! Here are a few happenings in the months to come; in the meantime, continue to hold the Expanded Children’s space in the prayer and to support our community through the Amazon shopping portal on our website (; we obtain a percentage of all purchases!

  • May Bake Sale
  • May and June Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day recognition
  • Anytime! Movie Night
  • Spring and Fall Music Concerts
  • Summer Aura or Tarot Card Readings
  • November Raffle
  • Fall Luncheon Silent Auction
  • Board Appreciation Thanksgiving Brunch
  • Christmas Gift Bazaar
  • And any other wonderful idea someone may come up with!!

Thank you for your ongoing support and love.

Angie Stewart

Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd.   – Rumi