Board of Trustees

Board 2015
Message from the President

We are in the middle of my favorite season – the season of gratitude. I love this time of year; the time when nature has retreated back from her joyous, exuberant summer and settled in for “a long winter’s nap”. A time when I feel life’s rhythm become slow and steady like a strong quiet heartbeat. This is the season for hearty soups, warm teas, and cozy blankets. This is the time of year I begin my hibernation, my settling in, my reflecting. I feel such gratitude during this time. Gratitude for the steadiness and continuity of the season’s changing; gratitude for my home and my family; gratitude for Spirit within me that is just bursting to reveal itself in something as simple as the breathtaking beauty of a leafless tree shadowed in the evening gloaming or a single snowflake effortlessly floating on a crisp cold morning.

I am filled with joy and gratitude for this spiritual community as well; for the work that Spirit has called me to do; for the growth and stretching; for the love and warmth given and received here. There was a time long ago in my life when I could not feel joy. I did not know what it looked like or where it came from, but I do know now. For me joy comes from being in the moment, being in the now, and remembering that this is my grace from God. I recognize joy in the enlightenment that all I need is already within me and Spirit wants me to find it. I am filled peace, serenity, and gratitude with that truth. Thank you, God.

I and the other members of the Board are also filled with “enthusiasm and zeal” for the plans for the year to come. Wonderful ideas are coming together and we cannot wait to share them with you. However, in the meantime, we would love to share some sweets with our sweets! Please join us for the Board’s Gratitude Dessert after service on Sunday, November 22nd. Don’t forget, the Raffle is in full swing and you can see any Board member on how to get your lucky number. The drawing will be held during the Gratitude Dessert. The Holiday Bazaar is beginning and Blanche has many delightful products to purchase for yourself or a loved one. Enough to get your holiday shopping in full swing! Gentle reminder: if you wish to remain or become a member, please have your member registration cards into Debbie O’Brien no later than December 31, 2015. Finally, the Nominating Committee Chair, George Slootsky, is in the process of assembling the 2016 nominating team and will be sending out a notice soon for anyone interested in interviewing for a board position.

So as we bring 2015 to a close, the Board and I wish to thank you all, and say that we are grateful for each and everyone one of you in our Spiritual family. We are growing and healing together, and we know and affirm that we are better for the journey.

Peace and Blessings,

Angie Stewart
President – Board of Trustees

“The Light of God surrounds us… WE ARE THE LIGHT OF GOD!”